CORE Workshops

Build Bold Boundaries

Debtors days out of control?

Overwhelmed or prone to over-commit?

Do your team interrupt you randomly?

Laying awake at night worried about your client’s business more than they probably are?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, join this training. Gain fast, simple and effective tools to set elegant, clear boundaries AND maintain them!

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The Mental Audit

Wanting to improve your team culture and overall mental performance for all?  Or are you perhaps “living the dream” and still not fulfilled?  

Mental Fitness plays a massive role in the mental wellness and high performance arena.  It isn’t mindfulness and it isn’t meditation.

There is a lot of talk about mental wellness at the moment for good reason.  It is a discussion for everyone, high performers included, perhaps even more so.

Mental fitness is our capacity to be able to respond to life’s inevitable challenges.  A significant skillset right!  Skillset you say?  Yes, our mental muscles, just like physical, need to work out regularly to build the muscles/resilience.

Using factor analysis we discover the root cause of our thoughts and learn some simple and effective tools to be able to adjust them when they are not serving us.

Perhaps your team are having sick days or performance challenges?

Are you worrying even though you logically know everything is OK?

Do you put too much consideration into what others are thinking or feeling?

Are you not getting things done because it isn’t quite good enough yet?

In this workshop, we’ll evaluate where your (and your team’s) thoughts currently are, and get simple, proven and effective tools to enhance and align them with the outcomes you are seeking.  You’ll also get very clear on the difference between meditation and mindfulness and why mental fitness is the elite mental tool we all need.

A great fun and individually confidential (if required) workshop for team cohesion, elevated leadership, and significantly increase understanding of self and others.  We provide a confidential and judgement-free zone for all.

“Great presentation Simonne on the GAP workshop. Super session!! I can see why you’re so passionate about accountants & bookkeepers. Thank you for the work you do.”

– Susanne Hipp, Director – Hipp Accounting

Uncomfortable Conversations

Having to tell a client that IRD isn’t giving them any leeway on their bespoke problem that you’ve been advocating for?

Or that they now have three times as much tax as either of you thought they did?

Time to discuss some delicate issues with an underperforming team member?

No one really enjoys having to have a challenging conversation, even when we know it is for the greater good of all; it can still be very uncomfortable.

Learn practical tools to navigate and deliver in the most powerful and collaborative way for empowering outcomes.

“Thanks for a great session. I consciously used one of the tools at a meeting with a new client which was great.”

– Ben Wright, Director – Sidekick Selwyn

CORE Values

Does it seem like you’ve got everything in place to achieve success, but still doesn’t feel like you are getting there?

You thought the new hire was on the same page….but?

Would you like a tool that gives tangible support and guidance for “conflict” resolution?

We hear a lot about values, and that is a good thing.  However, what we also hear a lot of are things like integrity and honesty.

Integrity and honesty, especially in our industry are a standard.

Not knowing what your values are is a widespread, genuine and deeper problem than many perceive.

We’ll do a deep dive and find out what REALLY drives you and your mission at the deepest level.

“…Having an independent facilitator enabled good discussion with Craig and Cath regarding my handover processes. Coming together in our thinking and getting it on paper makes you really think about the background of how you make decisions in your business. Thank you for being with us on this journey…”

– Toni Owen, Director – Focus CA

Partner Alignment

When you went into business together, you did all the right things.  Put in place partnership agreements, structured correctly….but now….

You’re just not on the same page.

You’re tired of having to explain every little decision, of being held back from, or forced into the direction of the business?

It may even seem that the only answer is to sell and move on.

This specialist forum is to drill down into the bespoke  issues that are restricting alignment and performance.  To gain insight and tools to move forward in the best possible way for all parties concerned.

Certainly cheaper than a messy or forced sale!

“…I am more conscious now of how I talk to people and how they are reacting…We are very much on the same page now and know where our strengths lie…”

– Angela Brown, Director – Accountants on Domain


Are you often repeating instruction to clients and team members?
Perhaps not getting the productivity percentages out of your team with high write-offs?

Unable to delegate as much as you should?

Or wanting to enhance the culture, elevate your leadership and empower your team?

Conscious and cognitive communication is the key.

We do not get taught how to communicate for success in school or in our accounting degrees.  Incredible, considering success in life, both professional and personal, is largely determined by how well we communicate with self and others.

“Thanks for running the session for us…everyone got lots out of it. The team have been buzzing since.”

– Jacqueline Ironside, Director – KGA Accounting Plus

Individual and Team Profiling

Ever wondered why some people you immediately click with and others are well, just plain irritating?

How some people easily take on instruction and run with it, whilst others require more support and “hand holding” to get the job done?

We’ve proudly partnered with the world’s leading psychometric and workplace assessment tool, Extended DISC®.

Designed to help individuals, teams and organisations to be more successful.

Providing easy to use information on how to modify human behaviour, to improve relationships, communication and key aspects of leadership and management.

“…Just wanted to say thank you…it was very insightful…after having more time to go over it, I was amazed with the detail given in the report, so thought it only fair to get in touch and let you know!

….I loved it. It’s an enjoyable workshop, good content, beneficial for team dynamics, team planning, problem resolution etc.

…Thanks again Simonne. You have a very cool job and do it very well!

– Alison Enticott, Senior Accountant – KGA Accounting Plus


All the workshops sound great but you want a bit of this and a bit of that?  Or….

Are you wanting training, guidance and support for you and/or your team, just not sure which workshop is best suited?

Here at CORE Leadership Institute we collectively have 47 years of tertiary teaching and program development experience.

We can cater our training workshops to your specific needs.

Let’s talk, book a call here.

“Simonne has great tools to put in the toolbox and can help anyone grow, irrespective of what aspects of yourself you might be struggling with.”

– Renee Cole, Drumm Nevatt And Associates

Unpack The Curious

Got some questionable news to share with the team and concerned how they may handle it?

Some quirky dynamics need understanding?

Looking for bold uptakes and not sure how to present it?

This is a delightful and dynamic workshop.  With expert facilitation, we unpack the curious and create space for the unsaid to be spoken in meaningful and constructive ways to move forward.

Perhaps you’ve got a Director stepping in or out of the business and wanting to address the fears and foresights?

An integral member changing the way they operate?

Systems getting an overhaul and looking for buy-in?

This workshop allows depth and clarity to shine through for all, truly an incredible process of discovery of the deeper elements in team cohesion and leadership.